Tuition Adjustment Refunds


To receive any refunds or adjustments from the Business Office due to a dropped class or housing change, the student MUST follow these procedures to affect an official change:

  • For a reduction of credit hours, complete a written drop form in the Registrar’s Office.
  • For withdrawal from a residence hall or board contract, obtain approval from a student development officer and complete a written withdrawal form in that office.
  • For total academic withdrawal, complete a written withdrawal form in the Associate Dean’s Office and the Dean of Students Office.



Individual course fees will not be refunded once the semester begins.



Students who drop individual courses but remain enrolled as full-time students (12 to 18 credit hours) will not see a change in the full-time tuition charge.  For the first 10 days of each semester, a change in status from full-time enrollment to part-time enrollment (less than 12 credit hours) will impact charges as well as eligibility for financial aid.  Part-time students are not eligible for financial aid.  After the 10th day of the semester, there will be no change in tuition charges or financial aid when dropping classes that cause a student to go from full-time to part-time enrollment status; the student's enrollment status "freezes" for the purpose of charges as well as receipt of financial aid. 


Students whose status changes from part-time to full-time after the first 10 days of the semester but during the time period allowed to "add" classes will see a change in charges.  When enrollment status changes, students are encouraged to meet with Student Billing in the Business Office to understand how charges will be affected and with the Financial Aid office for a clear understanding of how aid may be affected.

When a student withdraws from college or when part-time students drop individual courses, tuition charges will be adjusted following the schedule below. Students withdrawing should request a withdrawal form from the Associate Dean’s office in order to begin the official withdrawal (exit) process. Tuition charges will be adjusted once the withdrawal date is recorded in the Registrar's Office and entered into the student's record. 

Week Ending  Percent TUITION Refunded

(ending at Friday at 5 p.m. CST each week for calculation purposes)


1st full week of semester90%
2nd full week of semester75%
3rd full week of semester50%
To 20th day each semester25%
After 20th Day

No Adjustment                


Summer Session Tuition Adjustments


4 Weeks, Session 1 & 26 Week Session8 Weeks, Entire Summer
80% Refund  Session days 1 and 2Session days 1-3Session days 1 through 4
40% RefundSession days 3 and 4Session days 4-6Session days 5 through 8
No RefundSession day 5 and followingSession days 7 and followingSession day 9 and following

A student who registers for a summer class and does not attend the class and does not drop the class before the first day of the session will be charged a $50.00 fee.


Rooms and meal plans are assigned for the semester. Refunds for the semester may be given as long as a student provides written notice of cancellation at least one full week prior to the start of classes. This gives the college the opportunity to make the space available to other students. In cases of this type of notification, all of the room and meal plan charges are refunded.  From the week classes are scheduled to begin, room charges are refunded on a pro rata basis up to and including the 20th day of the semester; after this date, no refund for room charges will be awarded. Meal plans are refunded on a pro rata basis. The eligible refund period for room and board begins the day after the student has moved out of the dorm and also returned all keys to the Residence Director. 

To assist in offsetting the cost of attendance when a student withdraws, financial aid will be earned and repaid according to the Government Regulations for Adjustments, Refunds and Repayment of Awarded Monies under the Title IV Program described below.

It is possible that a student who withdraws may still have an outstanding balance payable to Benedictine College after institutional charges and financial aid have been adjusted.  Students should meet with Student Billing in the Business Office to understand the adjustment process and to make payment arrangements for any remaining balances. The College reserves the right to hold transcripts until all balances have been paid in full. 

When students withdraw from the college, financial aid may be used to help offset the cost of attendance based upon withdrawal adjustment/refund guidelines of the Federal government. For withdrawing students receiving financial aid, adjustments to aid will be based on the last date of class attendance and as set forth in The Federal Refund/Adjustment Policies contained in the provisions of the U.S. Department of Education relating to financial aid received, and is summarized below. Students are encouraged to meet with the Financial Aid Office to fully understand how individual situations will be impacted. 

Federal regulations require the use of the Return of Title IV Funds policy to be used for all students receiving any type of federal aid when calculating the aid a student can retain after withdrawing. This policy relates to Federal Pell and SEOG Grants, as well as Federal Perkins, Stafford/Federal Direct, and PLUS Loans. At Benedictine College, the same policy will be used for state, institutional, and outside aid sources. 

These regulations govern the return of aid disbursed for a student who completely withdraws from a term or payment period. During the first 59% of the period/semester, a student “earns” aid in direct proportion to the length of time he or she remains enrolled. The percentage of time that the student remained enrolled determines the percentage of disbursable aid for that period that the student earned. The percentage of the period that the student remained enrolled is calculated based upon the number of days the student was enrolled. Divide the number of days enrolled by the total days in the enrollment period, or semester. A student who remains enrolled at/beyond the 60% point earns all aid for that period. 

If a student has not earned all of the federal aid received to date at the point of withdrawal, funds will be repaid in the following order:
    1.  Federal Direct Unsubsidized (Stafford) Loan.
    2.  Federal Direct Subsidized (Stafford) Loan.
    3.  Federal Perkins Loan.
    4.  Federal Direct PLUS Loan.
    5.  Federal Pell Grant.
    6.  Federal SEOG Grant.
    7.  State grant and scholarship funds.
    8.  Institutional aid.
    9.  Outside scholarships. 


The Benedictine College refund policies, or any portion thereof, is subject to change without notice due to subsequent changes in federal regulations which apply to the college policy. With the federal schedule directing return of borrowed federal loans first, it is very likely the student who withdraws will still have an outstanding balance with the institution. 


If a withdrawing student received financial aid in excess of direct costs (tuition, fees, room, and board), a percentage of this aid may have to be returned. The amount will depend on how many days the student was enrolled and the amount of aid received. Details should be discussed with the Financial Aid Office.