STUDENTS: Room Draw Selections in April

Room Draw Numbers Will Be Posted April 5

  • Thursday, March 21, 2013

Room Draw is the college’s annual housing selection process. All students are required to go through Room Draw in order to select their campus housing for the following year. Room Draw is based on seniority, determined by social class standing. Starting with the senior class, each member of a class is assigned a random number that determines his or her bidding order (see bidding order below). Those with low numbers bid first. Numbers will be posted April 5th in the upper level of student union.


Bidding Order

  1. Senior and Senior
  2. Senior and Junior
  3. Senior, Junior and Sophomore
  4. Senior and Sophomore
  5. Junior and Junior
  6. Junior and Sophomore
  7. Sophomore and Sophomore



Who Is “Room Draw” For?

All traditional, full-time, undergraduate students, regardless of previous housing arrangements are required to apply for housing each year; including those with exceptions for living off-campus. Students should not sign any lease agreements for fall off-campus housing before receiving written permission from the Student Life Office. Students who enter into lease agreements prior to Room Draw do so at their own risk.


Students currently studying abroad only need to use a Proxy Form if your entire group cannot attend Room Draw. If one representative from your group can attend Room Draw, they can bring your Living Group Agreement form to Room Draw as your group representative. Students on disciplinary probation, who have three or more infractions, or who violate Room Draw procedures in the current academic year will be assigned a number that falls at the end of his or her class. Students who fail to participate in Room Draw forfeit the right to choose a room or roommate and will be assigned a room by the college. 5th year seniors and Fall 2013 graduates are required to live off campus. Fall graduates who would still like to live on-campus for their final semester can be added as an additional roommate to a full living option (ie. they can be a fifth person in a four person apartment). All sophomores are required to live on campus. Therefore, Senior/Sophomore and Junior/Sophomore groups can only bid on campus housing options.




To determine if you are eligible to apply for commuter status and live off-campus, complete a Commuter Exempt Form. If you meet one of the criteria you must complete and submit the form with verification to the Student Life Office for approval on or before April 3rd, 2013. Note: Commuter Exemption Students who meet an automatic exemption, but choose to live in campus housing must live on campus for both fall and spring semesters.





Possibilities for MenPossibilities for Women
Newman HallGroups of 4Elizabeth HallGroups of 2, 3, 4 or 6
St. Joseph HallGroups of 2, 6 or SinglesCray-Seaberg HallGroups of 2 or 4
Legacy ApartmentsGroups of 4McDonald HallGroups of 8
St. Michael HallGroups of 4 or SinglesLegacy ApartmentsGroups of 4
The LoftsGroups of 2 or 4Row House**Groups of 4 or 5


**In order to increase the number of men who have the opportunity to live off-campus through Room Draw, we are anticipating only offering the Row Houses to women at Room Draw. Students who are on academic probation or disciplinary probation are not eligible to live in the Row Houses.

Note: Only a limited number of off-campus slots will be awarded at Room Draw. Students who wish to be considered for an off-campus slot are expected to participate in Room Draw; those wanting to live off-campus will have the opportunity to indicate their preference during Room Draw.





  1. Find your Name, Class Code, and Random Number on the Alphabetical Bidding List (Upper Student Union).
  2. Using your Random Number, find your place on the Room Draw Lists — represents bidding order.
  3. Fill out a Living Group Agreement Form – develop at least 4 options. (Group size must match room size. Without this, your group will be combined with another group and potentially moved.) If you are in need of a roommate, you are encouraged to come to the Student Life Office and leave your name and check for available roommates.
  4. Determine who in your group has the lowest Class Code AND smallest Random Number — this number determines the order in which your group will select your housing for next year.
  5. Develop FOUR living group options in case you don’t receive your first options.
  6. Check the Room Draw Schedule below and attend Room Draw at the appropriate time.
  7. Students who have a school sponsored scheduling conflict during Room Draw may bid by proxy.
  • Proxy Forms are available in the Student Life Office and must be submitted 24 hours before the night you will go through Room Draw.



APRIL 11th, 16th & 18th at 8:00pm in the Cafeteria


8:00 p.m. April 11th:


All groups which contain at least one senior will go through Room Draw this night. Please come to Room Draw at the corresponding time for your Group:



  • 8:00pm: Women Senior-Senior Groups
  • 9:00pm: Senior-Junior Groups & Senior Sophomore Groups



  • 9:30pm: Senior-Senior Groups
  • 10:00pm: Senior-Junior Groups & Senior Sophomore Groups



8:00 p.m. April 16th:


All groups in which the highest member is a junior will go through Room Draw this night. Please come to Room Draw at the corresponding time for your Group:

8:00pm: Junior-Junior Groups
9:00pm: Junior-Sophomore Groups


9:30pm: Junior-Junior Groups
10:00pm: Junior-Sophomore Groups


8:00 p.m. April 18th:


All groups in which the highest member is a sophomore will go through Room Draw this night. Please come to Room Draw at the corresponding time for your Group:

8:00pm: Sophomore-Sophomore Groups with Random #50-5000

9:00pm: Sophomore-Sophomore Groups with Random #50-5000