• Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Benedictine College remains open for classes at this time, but some professors are not able to get in due to the heavy snowfall.  Check this page regularly for cancellations for Tuesday, Feb. 26.


NOTE: Roads in Atchison are reported to be very bad.  People have been unable to get up the hill on Second Street, Seventh Street or 10th Street and drivers have lost control of their vehicles on Division Street. 


Off-campus students should use extreme caution if venturing out. If you think it is dangerous, you should stay home. The Dean of the College has instructed all faculty to make allowances for off-campus students who cannot make it in to class and to allow them to make up today's work.  Students who cannot make it in should email their instructors and let them know.


NOTE: Tonight's Social Justice Week lecture has been postponed.  They will reschedule for after Spring Break.

NOTE: Tonight's Creativity Panel & Discussion has been cancelled.




Jane Bennett
ED 357


Catherine Brodersen

TH 101 A & B

TH 400 A


Kevin Bryant

CR 225 - Intro to Crime and Justice

CR 326 - Criminology


Anita Buhman-Wiggs

SE 222 A & B - Speech Communication

TA 356 - Costume Design


Andrew Chan

AC 210 A & B

NOTE: Exam 1, scheduled for today, will be Thursday, 2/28.


Linda Denton

ED 326 (evening class)


Christopher Greco

All classes cancelled.


Constance Hallberg
BI 298 L (Section X & Y)


Ted Hanman

All classes cancelled.


Rob Herringer

PE 355 - Theory of Coaching Soccer


Tom Hoopes
MC 398 C - The midterm will be administered today for any students who can make it to class.

If you cannot make it in, students must take the midterm in the Student Success Center or my office

(SBH 205) before 2:30 p.m. on Friday, March 1.  Papers are still due in person or by email by 10:50 today.


Don Hoy

FI 372 - Entrepreneurial Finance


Clay Johnston

BA 383

BA 388

BA 480

BA 481


Christa Kagin

AR 391

NOTE: She hopes to be there for the afternoon session.


Vaughn Kohler
MC 398 D - The Art of Presentation


Daphne McConnell

French 102 A & B


Currie Myers

Interview and Interrogation (6:30 p.m. session)


Scott Newbolds

EG 204 - Digital Terrain Modeling


Jennifer Ort
Spanish 102, Sections C, E, G and H


Bryan Park


Art Appreciation



Josh Pound

MC 308 - Sports Broadcasting

MC 398 - Sports Reporting


Bill Raymond

All classes cancelled.


Matthew Richard

PC 110 Lab


Pamela Robinson

ED 200 A & B - Intro to Education


Salvatore Snaiderbaur

BA 325 - International Management & Culture

BA 559 - Global Business Strategy


Andrew Swafford
TH 210 A & B


Darrick Taylor

HI 105 C & D - World Civilization I


Michael Throop

MC 210/251 - Radio Practicum

MC 350/351 - Radio Practicum

MC 398E - Social Media


James Vanderhyde

Math 124 - Precalculus


Madaline Walter

English 101 C & D


Piper Wentz
ED 317

ED 319


Eric West

MA 131

MA 345


Karen Wood
SO 398 A - Seminar in Ethnographic Methods


Roger Woody

BA 465 - Supply Chain and Logistics (EVENING CLASS)


Sarah Young

EN 431 - Linguistics