Benedictine College Announces Campus Technology Upgrades

  • Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Here are 10 new technological improvements to expect on campus this fall:

  • Academic building bandwidth will be tripled.
  • Wireless expansion will add buildings and increase capacity in Bishop Fink Hall, the Student Union, Haverty Center and the College Library.
  • All classroom projectors more than 2 years old will be replaced.
  • Wireless printing will be installed in various locations on campus.
  • Engineering computer lab capabilities for 23 users will be added to Library 224.
  • 23 new computers will be added in the Library 225 computer lab.
  • 5 new computers will be added in the Education Lab in the Ferrell Academic Center.
  • Raven Bucks-equipped vending machines on campus will be doubled by December.
  • A system to secure all campus data and programs will be implemented.
  • A new iPad pilot program will be tested by six faculty members and 135 students.