The Benedictine College Intramural Program, in accordance with the Benedictine College mission statement, pursues the education of men and women within a community of faith and scholarship by providing safe, fun and competitive recreational activities that develop teamwork, leadership and sportsmanship that grow individuals socially, physically, mentally and spiritually.



Pecos Miller

Intramurals Director
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John Woldum

Graduate Assistant

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Joe Luebbert

Intramural Intern


Peter Del Castillo

Intramural Intern

Benedictine College Security



Champions & Honors


First Quarter Champions

COED - Giant Smurfs
MENS - Bros Playing Soccer


Flag Football
COED - No Days OFF
MENS – 72’ Dolphins


Ultimate Frisbee
MENS – Ultimate Champs


All Intramural Team

Men’s Soccer
Peter Reimer – Bros Playing Soccer
Josh Kice – Bros Playing Soccer
Sean Loew – Write Ups
Andy Grosidier – Green St. Hooligans
Chris Buhler – Write Ups
Alex Van Kuelen – Holy Rollers
Shota Takafumi – CKJ
Danny Wills – Bros Playing Soccer
Adam Pryzybylski – Sporting BC
Alex Orel – Green St. Hooligans


COED Soccer
John Carey – Silent Battle Ready
Emily Seymor – Captain Crunch & the Cereal Killers
Phil Vutich - #Swag
Sabrina Lavezzi – BC Cafeteria Crusaders
John King – Soccer Boppers
Josh Kice – Cabbage Patch Kids
Nicole Greenwood – Struggle Bus
Lucianne Tilama – Mighty Midget Kickers
Joey Gruenwald – Struggle Bus
Dan Galindo - MSG


Men’s Flag Football
Zach Nill – Team Bruce
Josh Kice - Wins & Needles
Aider Gara - #Swerve
Donovan Templeton - Sporting Chris Patterson
Joe Leubbert - Team Bruce
John St. Hilarie - Warriors
David St. Hilarie - Conquistadors
Chris Buhler - A-Town Titans
Alex Orel – 72’ Dolphins
Hayden Reed – Wins & Needles


COED Flag Football
John Woldrum – The Crime Stoppers
Jen Branecky – Soaring Ravens
Kayla Carlson – Team Eck
Damaris Newald – Killer Speed
Anna Moran – Team Eck
Emily Fendt – Soaring Ravens
Kyle Kerschen – Fanny Pack Bandits


Women’s Flag Football
Courtney Eisman - #BCWS
Adrian Korson - #BCWS
Madison Sanders – #BCWS
Ashley Holland – #BCWS
Rachel Baronovic - #BCWS
Mary Cate Halling – Annihilation Station
Annie Dellasega – Annihilation Station
Allison – McCormick – Annihilation Station
Marie Brinkman - OF


COED Ultimate Frisbee
Alek Mitchell – Praelias
Carmen Olsen – Praelias
Austin Simon – Fellowship of the Disk
Tiller Coulk – Fellowship of the Disk
Stephen Noffke – Facebook Official
Alex Englekamp – Facebook Official
Colin Backus – Nerd Herd
Augustine Calvino – Frisbeasts
Callie Baumberger – Frisbeasts
Thomas Smilie – Ridisculous
Zach Doe – Ridisculous
John Beckman – ADMG
Andrew Gerlach - ORTSTAS