Freshman Course Registration


The information you provide will allow us to prepare your proposed fall 2015 semester schedule. If you wish to be in the first group to select your fall courses, we need to receive your course registration form by Friday, May 1, 2015.


For your convenience, you may complete this form electronically. If you are unable to meet the May 1, 2015, priority deadline, submit the Freshman Course Registration Form as soon as possible and we will begin working on your schedule soon after we receive it.


Steps to A Successful Registration

  1. Complete all seven sections of the online Freshman Course Registration formReview questions and answers carefully. Once you click “Submit,” you can no longer access the current form. You may, however, submit a new registration form if corrections are necessary, or your academic interests change. Our registration team will use your most recent submission to register you for classes.


Helpful links:


  1. RSVP to attend SOAR on Friday and Saturday, June 5 - 6 or June 12 - 13. SOAR (Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration) is a pre-orientation program for you and your family that allows you to meet classmates and become more acclimated to life at Benedictine.
  2. Review your fall semester schedule on OASIS (Online Academic Student Information System). Your OASIS username and password was supplied to you in your Financial Aid Award Packet.
  3. Attend one of the SOAR weekends in June. At SOAR, there is time for you to meet with a faculty member to discuss your schedule in light of your academic goals. You can request class changes at this time, but any revision to your schedule will not be made until after June 15.
  4. Can't attend SOAR and need to make changes to your class schedule? Starting June 1, you may make a change-request at; any revision to your schedule will not be made until after June 15. All changes must be submitted online by July 31, 2015. Schedule changes after this date can be made with an academic advisor during R.O.C. (Raven Orientation Camp) week, Saturday-Tuesday, August 22-25.