The Journal of International Business (JIB) is a newly designed publication for business leaders and academics alike. It addresses some of the latest and most significant issues of our time, and it provides a greater understanding of business matters across the board. It is a virtual window into the landscape of international business, and a platform from which practitioners and scholars shed light on these topics.

JIB is a combination of comprehensive research works, as well as shorter, practical articles and commentaries. It is literally a tool that can be used by business professionals and academic professors simultaneously. It is as interesting as it is captivating, and it possesses unique insight that emanates from a broad spectrum of specialists. Issues will be published in April and November.

We invite experts of all areas of business to submit relevant contributions. There are three types of submissions:

  • Academic Research Submissions: theoretical, analytical, and empirical research papers offering insights for literature and managerial practice.  
  • Practical Application Submissions: case studies, simulations, management reports illustrating issues and solutions for contemporary business world.   
  • Short Submissions: research notes, commentaries, opinions, critiques, experts’ recommendations, book reviews providing perspectives on current business topics.  

Submissions will be accepted for publication based on the following criteria:

  • Relevance to current economic and business phenomena
  • Originality of the research and importance of the topics  
  • Appropriateness and rigorousness of the methodology
  • Contribution to the state of knowledge (theory and practice)
  • Clarity of the manuscript

Manuscript should be submitted to Dr. Salvatore Snaiderbaur ( for review by a scientific board. They should be submitted as a Word document.  Figures and tables need to be included as a separate document. All documents must be submitted at least sixty days prior to the publication date.

Salvatore Snaiderbaur, D.Jur.
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