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HAAC No. 5 KANSAS CITY, Mo. – For Benedictine College head football coach Larry Wilcox, Tuesday marked another conference media day in his storied career.... public://haac_football_pic.jpg Read More
Crowley Steps Down Benedictine College Athletic Director Charlie Gartenmayer announced Friday that Tim Crowley has stepped down as the Raven head softball coach."... public://softball_hero_1.jpg Read More
Wbb Adds Transfer Raven women's basketball head coach Chad Folsom added another local name to his incoming class on Monday with the signing of former Jefferson... public://kramer_signing_pic.jpg Read More
2012-13 Scholar Teams  KANSAS CITY, Mo. – The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) released its annual list of Scholar Teams on Friday and... public://athletics_hero_12-13_scholar_teams-01.jpg Read More
Top Stories #1 Since the switch to more of an emphasis on the postseason conference tournaments combined with an opening round by the NAIA starting during the 2008... public://best_sports_stories_hero_1-01.jpg Read More
Top Stories #2 The 2012-'13 Raven women's basketball season ranks among some of the best in program history.For the third time, but only the first time at... public://best_sports_stories_hero_2-01.jpg Read More
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HAAC No. 5 public://haac_football_pic.jpg /press-room/news/football-news/football-selected-preseason-no-5-haac-coaches
Crowley Steps Down public://softball_hero_1.jpg /press-room/news/softball-news/tim-crowley-steps-down-head-softball-coach
Wbb Adds Transfer public://kramer_signing_pic.jpg /press-room/news/womens-basketball-news/womens-basketball-adds-local-standout-2013-14-recruting-class
2012-13 Scholar Teams public://athletics_hero_12-13_scholar_teams-01.jpg /press-room/news/general-athletic-news/eleven-teams-named-2012-13-naia-scholar-athletes
Top Stories #1 public://best_sports_stories_hero_1-01.jpg /press-room/news/mens-soccer-news/top-sports-stories-2012-13-mens-soccer-earns-double-championship
Top Stories #2 public://best_sports_stories_hero_2-01.jpg /press-room/news/womens-basketball-news/top-sports-stories-2012-13-womens-basketball-makes-presence

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Raven football in Italy 2013 22558 3 BENEDICTINE COLLEGE RAVENS VS BOLZANO GIANTS /youtube/raven-football-italy-2013 youtube://v/wevCgDoAa9E
Men's Soccer 2011 Highlights 17930 2 iEYY-Pms6ko /youtube/mens-soccer-2011-highlights youtube://v/iEYY-Pms6ko
Women's Soccer vs. Concordia (Neb.) - Aug. 20, 2012 19749 1 rXrVgvEy5Ps /youtube/womens-soccer-vs-concordia-neb-aug-20-2012 youtube://v/rXrVgvEy5Ps
Football Workout - Cycle D 18095 1 dLmWsqZXbdw /youtube/football-workout-cycle-d youtube://v/dLmWsqZXbdw
Football Workout - Cycle B 18092 1 t1yRrNbmfGM /youtube/football-workout-cycle-b youtube://v/t1yRrNbmfGM
Football Workout - Conditioning 18088 2 5PcVYdMzWIk /youtube/football-workout-conditioning youtube://v/5PcVYdMzWIk