Freshman Course Registration



The information you provide will allow us to prepare your proposed fall 2016 semester schedule. If you wish to be among the first to select your fall courses, please complete your course registration form by Monday, May 2, 2016. The Freshman Course Registration Form is available online only.


Freshman Course Registration Form »


If you are unable to meet the May 2 priority deadline, submit the Freshman Course Registration Form as soon as possible.


We understand that your interests may change or you may not be completely sure of a major so we ask that you provide us the information about your interests that best describe your situation at this time. In addition to being placed in courses that fulfill requirements within your major or potential major, you will be placed in general education classes that are required to graduate. Don’t worry about class times or days; our advisors will assign you to course sections that do not conflict. If you are a musician (vocal or instrumentalist) who wishes to participate in a choral or instrumental ensemble (e.g., men’s choir, concert band or orchestra), be sure to make the corresponding class one of your course choices.


*** Attention Honors students: Our advisors will place you in the appropriate sections specific to your situation. ***


Steps to prepare and view your fall 2016 class schedule:


  1. Complete all eight sections of the online Freshman Course Registration form. Check the Advanced Placement exam equivalency chart – must score three or higher on AP exam. Course descriptions are available at
  2. Review questions and answers carefully. Once you click “Submit,” you can no longer access the current form. You may, however, submit a new registration form if corrections are necessary, or your academic interests change. Our advisors will use your most recent submission to register you for classes.
  3. If you have not submitted your $300 Enrollment Fee, please do so online. All students must have a Username and Password to access the RAVENZONE portal to view class schedules. Your RAVENZONE username and password will be mailed to you upon receiving your $300 Enrollment Fee. For security reasons, we cannot share this information electronically.
  4. Beginning June 1, you may view your fall semester schedule through the RAVENZONE.
  5. Should you need to make changes to your class schedule, you can request a change online only through from June 1 through July 29, 2016. Any adjustment to your schedule will be posted to your RAVENZONE account after June 15.  
  6. Schedule changes after July 29 can only be made with an academic advisor during ROC (Raven Orientation Camp) week in August.