Symposiums and Speakers


Designed for higher education faculty/staff, clergy and professionals who are engaged in advancing the mission of the Catholic church as well as college students who desire to deepen their understanding and practice of the Catholic faith in the modern world.
Institute for Missionary Activity symposiums and speakers provide a venue for academics and professionals to dialogue on this important topic in our Church's history in the hopes of deepening an understanding of missionary activity and the New Evangelization and how it can be advanced in different fields of study and practice.  Symposiums and speakers are opportunities to hear from individuals and organizations who are at the top of their field regarding implementing the Church's teachings from the Second Vatican Council and the New Evangelization.  The dialogue created by these events will further the mission of Benedictine College as the flagship college of the New Evangelization.  
The Institute for Missionary Activity will host one annual symposium to discuss pertinent topics related to missionary activity and the New Evangelization.   This symposium is designed to be a delicate blend of theory and practice, so that it is able to advance modern thought and public practice.  Faculty, staff, clergy, and professionals are able to submit papers for oral presentation at the symposium and those selected to present will be awarded grants and will be published in the annual catalogue. It is also designed to be a venue for students to connect with the Institute's partnering organizations. 
The Institute for Missionary Activity will host speakers on campus during the academic year to accomplish three goals:   stimulate conversation among faculty, staff, and students regarding missionary activity, provide strong examples of leaders in missionary roles, increase awareness and interest among students to participate in missionary activity.
Current Status
In November, 2011, the Institute hosted Curtis Martin, founder and president of FOCUS (the Fellowship of Catholic University Students) shortly before he was appointed by Pope Benedict XVI to be one of 15 consultants for the Pontifical Council for the New Evangelization. 
March 23-24, 2012 the Institute will host its inaugural Symposium on Advancing the New Evangelization.  It will be the first formal event held in Benedictine College's new Ferrell Academic Center.