National and International Missions


Designed for any current Benedictine College students and staff who desire to participate a short term (3 day to 4 week long) mission trip in the United States or abroad to serve the physical and spiritual needs of the impoverished through charitable works.
National and international mission trips meet three important factors:  transform local communities around the world by serving their physical and spiritual needs, provide a venue for Benedictine College students and staff to practice Christian charity, immerse Benedictine College students and staff in diverse cultures and communities to enhance their Catholic worldview.
The national and international mission trips are initiated by students, staff, or alumni of Benedictine College. Participants will be required to attend seminars prior to the trip that will provide training and orientation and seminars after the trip that will provide reflection and debriefing.  Short term mission trips of various lengths will take place during fall break, Christmas break, spring break, and summer break.
Participants will need to fundraise the cost of the trip.  The Institute will provide training for personal support raising and will offer scholarships.  Each trip will be led by a student or staff member that has qualified and been trained by the Institute as a short term mission trip leader.
Current Status
During the 2010-2011 academic year, 558 Benedictine College students participated in over 15 short term mission trips in 8 countries.  During the 2011-2012 academic year, students are organizing over 21 short term mission trips in 12 countries.