Co-curricular Missionary Training Certification


Designed for current Benedictine College students who desire to pursue full-time missionary work after college (both short term-6 months, and long term-1+years) in missionary fields ranging from national to international, material poor and spiritual poor, youth to young adult to adult, involving service, catechesis and evangelization.
The co-curricular missionary training certification exists to equip college students with the interior life, character, transferable skills, and practical tools in order to place them in their desired mission field where they can serve as dynamic Catholic missionaries.
Students will enroll at Benedictine College and pursue a bachelor's degree of their choice (one that is offered at Benedictine College) and apply to enter the Institute for Missionary Activity as early as the summer before their freshman year or as late as spring semester of their junior year. 
Upon acceptance in the Institute, students will meet with an advisor to design a specific co-curricular program that will integrate key classes (taken for credit), personal formation through involvement in required Student Life activities, and field experience through internships, mission trips, and service learning.  These requirements will provide missionary training in the following areas:
  • Interior Life--deep and vibrant prayer and sacramental life
  • Character--virtuous leadership founded on humility and magnanimity
  • Transferable Skills--communication, personal relationship building, personal support raising, budgeting, time management, organization, strategic thinking, project management, teaching and training.
  • Practical Tools--language learning, catechesis, evangelization, Christian discipleship, demographics and missiology, international immersion, cultural training
Upon completion of the requirements set forth by their advisor in conjunction with the Institute, when students graduate they will receive a certificate from the Institute for Missionary Activity along with their bachelors degree.