School of Business

The primary objective of the School of Business is to prepare students for successful and rewarding careers in traditional business occupations. The core business curriculum focuses on the four main functional areas of a business enterprise (accounting, finance, management, and marketing), important supporting competencies (quantitative methods, statistical analysis, economics, law, and executive communications), and character formation (ethics). The business degree programs reflect a belief that professionals require technical and leadership skills that are balanced with the perspective, critical thinking, and communication skills produced by a combined business and liberal arts education.



The Benedictine College School of Business leverages the strength of the Benedictine College liberal arts programs to build the Four C’s in each of our graduates:
  • The ability to Communicate with excellence both verbally and in writing
  • A thorough and complete Competency that will add value to an enterprise
  • The necessary Character to lead other competent people upon promotion
  • A Compassionate worldview as a top executive evidencing the belief that the effort is bigger than any one person, including themselves
Our School of Business graduates think better, communicate better, lead better, and can do more, producing better results through the work of others.
The core and common block of knowledge courses in the School of Business give each student in the School the same foundation on which to learn and build their major competency area.  Closing out their academic careers, all School of Business students participate in our Capstone Curriculum including a seminar on executive communication and writing, a seminar on ethics and morality in business, and a course in strategic management.  We believe this curriculum prepares our students well for long and meaningful careers in the marketplace.



Our department offers five Bachelor of Arts degrees: Accounting, Finance, International Business, Management, and Marketing.  We also offer minors in Accounting, Business, Finance,  and Entrepreneurship.






The Benedictine College School of Business is committed to seeing students through to gainful employment in their chosen field of study.  As a faculty not only academically qualified, but professionally qualified, we provide real world insight into a variety of careers, the problems students will face in those careers, and what business practices work best.  One of the ways we accomplish this is through significant and rigorous experiential learning activities or internships required for graduation.  We work regularly with the Career Center to give the students the tools they need to compete against other candidates and excel in their chosen field of study.



Students In Free Enterprise (S.I.F.E.)
Cray Center for Entrepreneurship
Student International Business Council (S.I.B.C.)



Donna Bonnel, Administrative Specialist
Dr. John F.S. Bunch, Associate Professor
Charles Burke, Adjunct Professor

Michelle Coury, Instructor, HR Management
David Geenens, Director School of Business & Graduate Business Programs
Christine Glenski, Associate Professor, Program Chair of Accounting

Herb Gwaltney, Adjunct Instructor, Internship Coordinator
 Dr. Jan Hansen, Assistant Professor

Brian Henry, Assistant Professor, Program Chair of Finance
Dr. Donald Hoy, Associate Professor, Program Chair of Management
Clay Johnston, Assistant Professor, Program Chair of Marketing

Charles McGuire, Director of Admissions & Recruiting for Graduate Business Programs

Tony Tanking, Instructor, Finance

Kristen Whitely, Instructor, Accounting




For more information, please email Donna Bonnel, or call 913.360.7426.