As an integral component of Benedictine College, the Department of Nursing embraces Benedictine values, exemplified by the department's commitment to the value of hospitality (upholding the value of each person and openness to all people in the human family).  The mission of the Department is to educate men and women to deliver responsible, competent nursing care to all.


The philosophy of the Department of Nursing is in concert with the mission statement and philosophy of Benedictine College, which emphasizes the Benedictine values and ethics of community, hospitality, respect, stewardship and love of learning.  With these values comes the expectation of high standards and accountability to society.  As a scholarly community of nursing faculty and students, a special emphasis is placed on the spiritual care and psycho-social support of patients as well as fostering positive leadership within the nursing profession and healthcare.


Nursing is a distinct profession which interacts with patients and the environment of care, including the larger society, to promote optimal wellness of individuals, families and communities.  Nursing is both an art and a science focusing on the care of and caring for patients as bio-psycho-social-spiritual beings.



The Benedictine College Nursing Program offers a 4-year Bachelor of Nursing (BSN) degree. The program has received Kansas State Board Approval and upon graduation, students are eligible to apply to take the registered nurse licensure examination (NCLEX-RN).

“The baccalaureate program at Benedictine College is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, One Dupont Circle, NW, Suite 530, Washington, DC 20036, (202) 887-6791.”

At this time, we will accept 25 junior students into the nursing program each year in the fall.


General education requirements and pre-nursing courses are taken in the freshman and sophomore years of college and the nursing courses are generally completed in the junior and senior years. Students must apply for admission into the nursing program, usually in their sophomore year of college.





Bi 142 Human Anatomy & Physiology I   (with lab)   

Bi 143 Human Anatomy & Physiology II  (with lab)     

Ch 103/105 General Chemistry (with lab)

Bi 121 General Biology I (with lab)

Py 100 General Psychology                 

Py 250 Principles of Lifespan Development           

Ma 211 Applied Statistics

Bi 260 Principles of Microbiology (with lab)

Pe 303 Basic Nutrition



Students are admitted once a year in the fall. Admission is a competitive process and students must submit a separate application to the nursing program, usually in their sophomore year of college. The criterion for admission includes:

  1. Admission to Benedictine College.
  2. A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75 with a minimum of 60 hours at time of starting the nursing program (this is the minimum GPA, it is not a guarantee of admission).  Students must have at least a "C-" in all pre-nursing courses.
  3. Complete the “Application to the Nursing Education Program” Form.
  4. Provide the names and contact information for two faculty members who taught the applicant as a college student. One of these faculty members should teach a science course.
  5. Submit a typewritten autobiography which includes an introduction, an explanation of career choice, any healthcare experiences, and pertinent interests and accomplishments.
  6. A nursing application can be obtained by contacting the Department of Nursing at 913-360-7640.

    APPLICATION DEADLINE IS JANUARY 15TH (or next business day)




The requirements to obtain a license as a Registered Nurse are determined by individual states. Students are responsible for determining if they meet licensure requirements for the state they want to practice in as a Registered Nurse. A student may be subject to licensure denial depending on state requirements. Attendance at a nursing program does not guarantee that you will be able to sit for the licensing examination. If you are planning to obtain a license in Kansas, see KSA 65-1120 for Kansas requirements at  For the requirements in other states, please check the State Board of Nursing of that state. 



Lynne Connelly, PhD, Director of Nursing

Jackie Harris, MSN, APRN, Instructor

Wendy Woolston, MSN, RN, Instructor/Director of Simulation Laboratory

Michele Hinds, PhD, RN, CNE, Associate Professor

Rebecca Houghton, MSN, RN, Instructor

Pamela Miller, BSN, RN, Clinical Instructor

Phyllis Lieb, MSN, RN, Adjunct Professor

Amanda Schuster, MSN, RN, Instructor

Judi Higgins, Administrative Assistant


For more information, please e-mail Lynne M. Connelly, PhD, RN, or call her at 913.360.7560.