Additional Information for Catholic School Teachers & Leaders

The USCCB has called on Catholic colleges and universities to assist in the preparation of Catholic school teachers and administrators through exceptional programs that are both truly Catholic and of the highest academic quality.  Benedictine College has answered the call with the design of our Catholic School Cohort M.Ed. (Kansas City area). 


While programs at both our Atchison and Kansas City sites are accredited and lead to licensure as building level administrators, the cohorts in the Kansas City area offer something more, a true foundation in teaching and leadership in Catholic schools embedded in our coursework and experience.  The MASL program in the Kansas City area was begun 10 years ago with input from area dioceses and is committed to preparing excellent Catholic school leaders.  Most faculty who teach in these cohorts are past or current Catholic school leaders who possess a strong understanding of the specialized needs of Catholic schools.


Additionally, we are pleased to be able to offer a reduced tuition rate for Catholic school teachers.  The MASL and M.Ed. programs offer a scholarship to reduce current tuition by $25.00 per credit hour for those who teach in our P-12 Catholic schools.  Benedictine College also administers federal student aid programs to assist graduate students and makes every effort to meet and support the financial needs of students through federal loans.